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Geo-Segmenting Push Notifications Takes Content Exactly Where It Needs To Be

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

You have an audience who shares a similar desire to spend time on your site but they are as diverse as they could be - from their content interests to their purchases and even where they live. A location-based web push notification strategy can take relevant, geographical content exactly where it needs to be in real-time.

Let’s say a food publisher wants to share its latest recipes for crockpot stew and a fresh autumn salad to its subscribers in the fall. A stew makes sense for a chilly day in New York, while the salad certainly fits the warmer weather in California. No one recipe will resonate with all, so what’s the publisher to do? The answer is smart segmenting with geographic targeting.

With Pushly, publishers have the option to use Custom Geo Segmentation for push notification targeting to individuals based on their location. With Geo Segmentation, publishers can choose a specific region from a world map to send targeted notifications to that time zone or area.

Increase the relevance of your Notifications and boost clicks by combining geographical indicators with on-site user behavior. For instance, say a news publisher has a specific segment of push notification subscribers who regularly click on political articles. Now, the publisher can trigger geo-segmented notifications with links to location-specific political stories and rundowns as they are available. eCommerce sites can benefit from Geo Segmentation when specific geography-based items become available - e.g., snowblowers for the winter or swim gear for summer.

Pushly allows publishers to easily create custom geographic segments and then target them just as you would any other segment based on user browsing and/or buying behavior.

  • Once you have your story, pick your region. Ask yourself, “Where is this content most relevant?”

  • Create your geo-segment to targeting following the instructions in our documentation

  • Sit back and watch the clicks roll in!

Catapult web push conversion rates

Web push notifications with Geo Segmentation offers a non-intrusive way to deliver relevant location-based content that meets the needs and interests of publisher audiences and gives them a reason to stay loyal to your brand. Pushly customers see consistently higher conversion rates - 2x that of email and 10x of social - and above-average click rates (10%+) with our smart targeted segmentation capabilities. Pushly’s tools and analytics provide valuable feedback on audience interests, intent and even geographical data that publishers can leverage to determine what content to push to what audiences and where.

Connect with us to learn how publishers in the Comscore Top 50 work with Pushly to retain and win audiences.

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