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Prime Day Checklist: Maximize Your Affiliate Revenue with Pushly

With the 10th anniversary of Amazon’s Prime Day taking place on July 16-17, the internet is buzzing with excitement. This massive shopping event presents a golden opportunity for publishers to supercharge their affiliate efforts. As the countdown begins, here’s your comprehensive checklist to maximize revenue and make the most of Prime Day.

Pre-Prime Day Preparations: Many publisher teams have been working in preparation for Prime Day for some time. But it’s not too late to consult our checklist of “pre-flight” tips. Here they are: 

1. Optimize for SEO With so much traffic around Prime Day, your audience is going to be searching for deals and products. To ensure your content is seen and indexed, optimize published content with Prime Day-related phrases like “Prime Day Deals.” This will help you capture the search traffic surging around the event.

2. Promote on Social Media While social may not be the traffic driver it once was, it’s still a vehicle for engagement with your audience. Regularly updating your feeds with tactics such as teasers and countdowns timers build anticipation.. Social should also be used to encourage feedback and interaction to create a buzz around your upcoming content. For example, posing questions such as “what have you favorited for Prime Day” can give publishers insight into demand, and maybe even change some of the product roundups to feature popular products.

3. Email Campaigns Email is still a great way to engage with a consumer in an intimate way - the consumer has let you into their inbox, so use it to your advantage! Email is a great way to promote your curated lists, and to provide a service to your reader, allowing them to “bookmark” the products they’re most interested in, by referring back to the email newsletter. Send sample roundups to your subscribers. Keep them excited and informed about what to expect.

4. Pushly Notifications Utilize Pushly to send teasers and sneak peeks directly to your readers. Notifications can cut through the noise and grab attention quickly. Not working with Pushly yet? Reach out here to get started. 

During Prime Day: Don’t stop now! You should be communicating with your audience during the entirety of Prime Day’s 48 hours. It’s a great opportunity to inspire and direct your audience to deals and discounts. Trust us - they will thank you! 

1. Live Updates Continuously highlight deals, build urgency, and create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Keep your audience informed with real-time updates. There is energy and timeliness associated with Prime Day. Use that to your advantage and engage with your audience giving them what they want in real time. Keep updating your lists and roundups in real time. 

2. Social Media Promotions Share the best deals and hot sellers. Use your social platforms to keep your audience engaged and drive traffic to your site. Social is a great way to drive awareness for those not actively engaged with or following Prime Day (because no, not everyone has Prime Day top of mind). 

3. Pushly Notifications Drive incremental revenue by sending notifications about hot sellers and limited-time deals. Urge your audience to “get it now” to capitalize on the excitement. Pushly notifications are the ideal vehicle for conveying immediacy and prompting action. 

Post-Prime Day Wrap-Up: After all the shopping is done, you may be ready for a vacation, but don’t forget to keep communicating with your audience, thank them for spending time with you and for allowing you to be their shopping sherpa. 

1. Roundup Content Create content that summarizes the best deals, surprises, wins, and fails. This not only provides value to your audience but also keeps the Prime Day momentum going. Even after the deals are off, the product recommendations hold value, and by keeping the spotlight on, you may drive post-Prime Day purchase. 

2. Feedback on Social Media Encourage your audience to share their best deals and finds. This interaction can help build community and keep your brand top-of-mind. Plus, you’ll gather some ideas for future Gift Guides. 

3. Pushly Reporting Leverage Pushly’s first-party data to report on the success of your campaigns. Use this data to refine and improve future strategies. For example, what did your audience gravitate toward? How quickly did they convert? What time or times made the most sense to push notifications? How did push notifications differ by customer segment(s). Note, Pushly helps with over 20 customer segmentations out of the box.

At Pushly, we amplify and drive real-time attention to the content of your choosing. Prime Day is a prime example of how our notification platform can enhance your distribution strategy. By establishing direct relationships with your readers, you can ensure consistent and personalized traffic that social media and search engines can't always deliver.

These strategies aren’t just for Prime Day—they can be applied broadly to any publisher affiliate program. Stay tuned for our upcoming “Best Practices” guide, where we’ll dive deeper into optimizing your affiliate marketing efforts with Pushly.

Maximize your revenue and engagement this Prime Day with Pushly, and turn your affiliate efforts into a resounding success.

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