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Smart Audience Targeting via Push Notifications

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

As a website-based business, you know you can benefit from web push notifications. It’s a great way to engage with your audience, grow your base, and, ultimately, monetize your website. But do you know what to send your audience so they become loyal readers and customers? The secret lies in the fact that your audience is not homogenous. People have preferences. Your job is to find out what those preferences are and deliver the right content to the right people. And push notifications can help you easily segment your audiences so the right message goes to the right audience. Here is how to do web push notifications right.

Segment to please

The way to have satisfied customers is to give them (1) what they want, (2) when they want it, (3) how often they want it, and (4) the way they want it.

Woman working

Since they said yes to hearing from you via web push notifications, you have the last part down.

To find out the rest of the preferences and to customize your content delivery accordingly, platforms such as Pushly will be your best friend. Let your audience explicitly tell you

  • how often they want to hear from you, so they don’t get tired of you

  • when they want to hear from you

  • what content they want to receive by giving them choices of topics you cover

Once you have that information, you can then schedule what notifications go out to which segments of your audience and when. The exception would be news alerts tha

t your tribe would want to receive the moment the news breaks. No one wants to be the recipient of the “haven’t you heard?” line.

Segment, then let AI segment again

To up your game, however, don’t rely just on the word of your audience. Study their implicit behavior. That’s where modern tech advances come in handy. Platforms that handle your web push notifications, such as Pushly, will collect relevant data for you to work with. You can analyze all the data you collect, make sense of it, and then make decisions about the ways you’d want to interact with particular groups of your subscribers.

To make your life easier, however, and your decisions more precise, take advantage of the built-in brains of Pushly. We are talking about Artificial Intelligence.

Pushly has best-in-class segmentation tools that analyze the audience’s b

ehavior beyond their explicit preferences. For example, the smart segmentation tool looks at topics your site visitors read, the notifications they click, the frequency with which they visit the site and respond to notifications, etc. What’s more, it has the ability to do a deep dive into the topics the audience prefers to read, finely customizing the content you deliver to them.

The more targeted you can make your content, the happier your users will be. That includes geo-targeting and segmenting according to time zones. After all, geographic differences do result in different interests.

The added benefit of having AI do the heavy lifting for you is it does it in real-time, continuously. It responds to your audience’s needs as fast as it learns about their preferences. And that impacts your bottom line, helping you meet your KPIs.

One of the KPIs tha

t would matter to you is the click-through rate (CTR), which is higher than that of email. Add in smart segmenting, and you have people clicking through, reading what they want to read, and quite possibly buying what you want them to buy. And isn’t that what you are ultimately after?

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