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Ziff Davis - Case Study

Background is a website dedicated to curating shopping deals for its visitors. The website relies on affiliate referrals, partnerships with publications that place ads on the website, and on paid search. As the name suggests, the website targets shoppers who seek Black Friday deals – one of the biggest shopping events of the year, taking place at the end of November each year.


Since the website is holiday-specific, website visitors searching for deals would visit the website once and leave, without coming back. For example, a user who searches for the keywords “best Black Friday deal vacuum” would come across an ad placed by and click through to the website. If the user didn’t buy through the website, they would leave the website, costing the website the ad spend but not bringing any revenue.


Maximize ad spend by bringing the users back to the site, thus improving the users’ LTV, without any additional ad spend.


At the end of October, the website integrated Pushly, so it could offer its users a choice to opt-in to receive web push notifications. The’s team was able to get things off the ground quickly because of the straightforward implementation process Pushly offers.

As a result, in the weeks leading to Black Friday, half a million website visitors opted in to receive web push notifications from As the holiday approached, the website invited those visitors back to the website via web push notifications. The shoppers received notifications on their devices specific to the products they had browsed before. The’s team leveraged Pushly’s ability for precise audience segmentation, taking into account the audiences’ interests in specific deal listings, product verticals, brands, and keywords. In addition, Pushly’s account management team curated segments to target with high-paying sponsored listings.


By offering its visitors to opt-in to receive web push notifications and subsequently reaching out to the shoppers via the notifications, Pushly brought those visitors back to the website once and even twice – visitors who would have never come back otherwise. The website didn’t need to invest in extra ad spend to bring this traffic back. As a result, it was able to maximize the ROI on its ad spend.

The bottom line was that Pushly was able to increase’s revenues with minimal spend increase, thus increasing the website’s profits.

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