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Why should you choose pushly's notification platform? Because Push & Pull are NOW the new discovery and audience attention is media’s most critical resource


  • Alerts that matter

  • Draws Attention to what is important

  • Ignites loyalty and brand connection

  • First Party data which drives return visits, increases subscription rates and generates multi-channel revenue

Our goal is simple and that is to help publishers find an easier way to stay in touch with users after they leave their websites and to easily inform them when new content is available.

Pushly gives publishers a direct, one-on-one, and ad-free engagement platform to interact with curious visitors, which helps them gain greater control over their audiences. 

With the help of Pushly's notification system, we are here to ensure audience attention and new discovery while giving priority to the alerts that matter.

If you choose us, we guarantee that we will develop web push tactics that will facilitate content distribution, improve subscriber retention, and increase revenue.

Instead of driving visitors to Facebook, Twitter, or other third parties, push notifications send consumers back to publisher websites by cutting through clogged social media channels and email inboxes. The publisher owns this direct-to-visitor channel and retains ownership of the audience data.

In addition to this, we offer that the content will be integrated with an opt-in channel like web push, which provides extra segmentation options and A/B testing to distribute just the most pertinent content to viewers; it is a win-win situation. Publishers now have a more comprehensive understanding of audience members' attention, consumption patterns, passions, engagement, and more thanks to Pushly and the push notification platform, which enables better, deeper, and more efficient push targeting and response. We commit to communicate and cooperate with publishers to develop web push strategies for content distribution, improved subscriber retention, and more income.

Additionally, Pushly provides services at fair prices. The majority of publishers begin working with Pushly with a risk-free trial during which time they have access to all of our products, account management staff, and experience. They switch to a fixed monthly cost if they recognize the usefulness of the platform. After you see how we worked, we are leaving you the decision-making opportunity.




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