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Opt-in Notifications Allow Brands to...

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Increase Targeted Traffic

Leverage search spend through traffic retention

Maximize your search advertising budget by retaining traffic effectively.

Drive traffic to high-value pages

Direct visitors to critical and revenue-generating sections of your website.

Expand consumer discovery and engagement with varied content

Enhance engagement by delivering diverse content to captivate your audience.

Increase brand spend through segmented communication to build audiences in demand:

Build brand presence through targeted messaging, cultivating demand for your products or services.

Cultivate Return Visitors

Re-engage Shopping Cart Abandoners

Bring back potential customers who abandoned their shopping carts with strategic push notifications.

Leverage Dynamic Messaging for Re-engagement

Personalize messages for effective re-engagement.

Decrease Email Fatigue with Multi-Channel Messaging

Reach your audience through multiple channels, ensuring your messages are seen and reducing the risk of overloading their inboxes.

Increase Audience Loyalty with Timely, Relevant Communications

Build lasting loyalty by delivering timely and relevant content.

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Capture and Engage Consumers

Drive paid subscriptions

Convert visitors into paying customers.

Increase registration capture

Collect valuable user data for insights.

Increase ad revenue

Maximize profits through targeted ads.

Understand consumer interests

Tailor content effectively.

Drive Affiliate Revenue

Monetize with commerce content.

Sell Products and Services

Promote offerings directly to your audience.

Analyze Data & Insights

Smart Decision-Making

Data analysis informs choices.

Know Your Audience

Insights reveal user preferences.

Tailored Engagement

Data enhances notification relevance

Track Performance

Analyze for better results.

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