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Deliver a More Personalized Experience with AI

AI was a significant topic of discussion at Cannes (no surprise there). We came away contemplating the benefits and potential of leveraging AI to enhance digital connections. AI can augment the work people do, not replace them. Machine learning is increasingly critical for crafting personalized experiences, which is essential for business success.

A Deloitte Digital report reveals that the number of brands incorporating personalization as a core experience strategy has risen by 50% since 2022. Additionally, brands expect to increase their annual personalization budgets by 29% this year compared to the previous year.

There's also been a shift towards depth over breadth, as Brian Morrissey noted in The Rebooting: “That means laying the data foundation to understand people better and use that information to tailor content and experiences to their needs.”

Despite all of this, Forrester found that 41% of B2C marketing decision-makers see personalized communications, experiences, and interactions as their biggest marketing execution challenge. 

At Pushly, we’re harnessing the power of machine learning and AI to create more personalized experiences for our end users. People want to feel that the brands they engage with know and understand them. It’s a true confluence of AI and human connection, and we believe it’s a recipe for success. It’s about giving people what they want, not what a brand assumes they need.

With Pushly technology, our customers can automate hyper-relevant push notifications, ensuring timely and pertinent messages without the need for hands-on programming. These notifications are optimized to capture the recipient's attention, resulting in higher engagement and increased revenue.

Push notifications also optimize the end-user experience. Appearing at the right moment and disappearing on their own, they don’t need to be manually deleted like email and SMS. Ideal given that the average person has over 1600 unread emails and an average of 47 unread text messages, according to a survey from Klaviyo

And they’re viewable. Unlike other channels, our push notifications can’t be missed. They are designed to minimize impact on the user experience while ensuring they grab consumer attention.

If your brand isn’t leveraging the power of push, you’re missing out on the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the most valuable people to your brand.

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