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Why Publishers & Brands Use Web Push Notifications to Grow Their Audiences

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Getting audiences to pay attention and take action is a bigger challenge than ever before. As a result, many publishers today struggle with growing quality traffic and increasing revenue. Here’s where web push notifications come in.

Cellphone Web Push

So, what are web push notifications you ask? We describe them as alert-style messages website visitors opt-in to that are delivered on desktop and mobile devices -- even when visitors are off the site.

Push notifications create meaningful, 1:1 engagement with publisher audiences. Think about push as a virtual “arm” publishers can extend around their visitors, offering an opportunity to take control over the clicks they are driving back to their site -- and, therefore, the revenue they can generate. Publishers can be extremely successful using web push notifications by retaining and engaging the traffic they already have.

Here are three reasons why publishers should use web push:


A publisher’s greatest asset is their audience. Web push is a relatively new channel that gets content straight to audiences free of the noise in social media channels or cluttered inboxes where emails get buried. Now, more than ever, it is important for publishers to own their audiences as sites worldwide experience surges in web traffic as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Businesses that are creative in the way they respond to user on-site behavior with relevant, segmented and non-intrusive content will lead the competition.


PC Monitor Web Push

Publishers can increase repeat visits using web push notifications to re-engage those who only visited once, leading to higher ROI. Push essentially offers a visitor retention strategy to keep one-time audiences coming back for more - even when they are off a publisher’s website. The cost to acquire new traffic is extremely high, why not use a cost-effective channel to engage audiences that have already shown interest in the site? Pushly has helped its publishers generate Click-through Rates (CTRs) over 10%, more than 2x that of email and 10x social with minimal attrition.


Web push notifications can be segmented to interested audiences to maximize engagement and return visits. Pushly allows publishers to send targeted notifications to subscribers based on their site engagement, geographical location, content preferences and notification behavior. We recommend publishers use two to four high-level keywords per notification to target, for example, more election news to subscribers whose web actions indicated an interest in politics.

Pushly partners see an opt-in rate of 5% on average. Audiences opting-in are more responsive to notifications because they have shown interest in receiving them. Publishers can optimize their push notification segments with insights built into our platform that provides feedback on what content readers should be getting next based on their browsing behavior and content performance (e.g., clicks on notifications).

Publishers in the Comscore Top 50 trust Pushly to deliver their 1:1 audience engagement and consistently drive repeat site traffic. See how it works or connect with us to get started sending push notifications today.

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